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Empowering Local Health Workers and Clinics

Mango solutions can help to empower Health workers and Clinics to overcome several key challenges they face day to day in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • Mango can supplement health worker trainings with multimedia-enabled training modules, reducing the cost of training and additional support.
  • Mango empowers health workers with decision making and symptom diagnosis using WHO clinic staging for HIV patients and a standardised Algorithm for HIV testing
  • Mango can provide real-time point of care information, enabling Health workers to track attendance of patients and patient adherence to regimes
  • Mango enables workers to trigger follow-ups and record outcomes automatically and submits referrals to clinics when necessary using automated workflows.
  • Mango can deliver multimedia content to enhance behavior and change communication through either voice, SMS or video.
  • Mango can provide full voucher programs to referral clients and facilities, decreasing the likelihood of patients not attending clinics.
  • Mango provides early warning stock systems and full stock management to ensure ART’s are where they need to be.
  • Mango’s monitoring and evaluation module allows full surveillance of any program allowing for informed decisions to be made based on real evidence.
End-to-End Case & Stock Management

Mango offers the ability to register and record every patient interaction with connected medical facilities – including all provided tests, treatments, prescriptions, health advice, and patient histories. This enables health workers to easily keep track of all cases from start to finish – no matter which health facility was used or health practitioner visited.

Keeping track of medical commodities is also essential for any successful social education or health programme. Mango accordingly offers a complete suite of supply chain management, inventory management and demand forecasting tools – which together help ensure that the facilities will always have adequate stock of vital health commodities.

Real-Time Data at Every Stage

Accurate data, provided at the point-of-care, is essential for ensuring successful health outcomes. This becomes even more important when you need to track lifetime’s worth of doctor visits and treatments.

Any data recorded in Mango becomes instantly available to the entire network, with updates occurring in real-time. Ensuring that workers always have the latest available data at all times. All data is automatically backed-up in the cloud, ensuring system continuity under all circumstances.

Strategic Training & Content Delivery

roviding quality training to people, and providing good health information to the public – is among the biggest challenges to improving public health outcomes. Even if you have good content, you still need to be able to deliver it, and be able to reasonably ensure that the material is effective and/or understood.

Mango offers the ability to quickly and economically dispense content at any scale – whether sending text, images, or video. Every step can be monitored and confirmed, while end results later can be measured and reported – all designed according to your exact needs.

Better Decisions across the Board

Anyone with appropriate access will be able to see a patient’s entire medical history – even if a different health facility or practitioner is used. This ensures that the right patients will always receive the appropriate care, even if they decide to use a different health facility or doctor for any reason.

Managers and administrators can find numerous automatically generated local, regional, and national reports in Mango – to gain exactly the insights needed to make informed decisions. Data analysts also have numerous tools to mine and filter all the collected data, so that deeper trends and correlations can be readily identified as needed.

Sustainable in the Toughest Environments

Mango solutions employ existing communication infrastructure, and do not need special technology upgrades to function. Mango uses whatever is already there. This greatly simplifies setup, and ensures that limited budgets can be used to focus solely on solutions rather than delivery.

Certain redundancies are built-in to ensure that even without an internet or mobile connection – data can still be collected at all times, and delivery will occur the moment a connection is re-established. This greatly improves reliability and operational continuity, since the system does not depend on reliable or continuous communication network access to function.

Proven in the Field with Millions of Cases

Mango-powered solutions are already being used to improve health outcomes among the world’s most vulnerable populations. We have multiple success stories with HIV/AIDS related projects alone, though we cater to a wide variety of social and health issues.

Our continuing partnerships with world leading health organisations have already saved and improved countless lives over the years. You will even find Greenmash technology being currently used to bolster the national health services of several countries.

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