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Mango is a proven solution for mhealth surveillance, monitoring, and/or evaluation programmes. World-leading health organizations turn to Mango when they need more visibility and understanding into what is actually going on in their health campaigns.

Greenmash has extensive experience designing, building, and supporting healthcare operations using the Mango platform. You can also use the Mango to create your own DIY mhealth system, and we are always available to provide you with any support needed to build and maintain your mhealth solution.

Mango-powered solutions are designed for sustainable operations in highly remote and low-resource environments, using any appropriate technology already available on-site.

Some of our results:

The Mango Platform

The Mango platform is a complete mhealth surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation solution – currently used in dozens of global and national healthcare programmes.

Mango quickly provides you with more visibility into your operations, so you can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your health programmes. All medical commodities and patient cases can be tracked end-to-end, so you will always know exactly what is going on at all times.

Intelligent digital surveys enable you to gather reliable data from thousands of facilities and data collectors with ease. Automated reports and powerful data analysis tools enable you to respond faster, and more intelligently with information you can trust.

Mango is designed to operate sustainably in any environment, even when existing communications services and infrastructure is of poor quality. This includes areas where available infrastructure and resources are severely limited.

Notable uses of Mango in global / national health programmes:

  • Medical commodity tracking
  • Patient case tracking
  • Supply chain management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Treatment surveillance
  • Adverse reactions
  • Patient adherence
  • Reallocation of resources
  • Key features and

Key features and benefits of Mango

  • More reliable and actionable information for faster responses.
  • Better data accuracy and visibility for more informed decisions.
  • Clear reporting and automatic alerts for better operational awareness.
  • Almost any device can be used for data collection, including basic feature phones.
  • Minimal user training required to operate the system and collect data.
  • Low maintenance and operational costs.
  • Low training requirement, with most users gaining competence with under 1-day of training.
  • Locally supportable with minimal training required.
  • Complete audit trail for all information flows.
Data Collection

Mango allows you to use almost any device for data collection, and in most cases can readily use any technology already available onsite. It usually takes only a day or less to train any user to answer surveys and collect data in the appropriate format.

Key features and benefits

  • Data collection via SMS, USSD, mobile apps, and web forms.
  • Collect data using any mobile device, including everything from basic feature phones to the latest smartphones and tablets.
  • Collect and manage data using any desktop computer using Windows XP and up.
  • Powerful dynamic / intelligent survey design tools including skip logic, piping, branching, and other logic tools.
  • Automatically send scheduled surveys to all registered groups at once.
  • Reports automatically generated and updated in real-time.
  • Powerful reporting / analysis tools including highly-granular filters.
Intelligent Surveys

Surveys are a core feature of Mango, and provide you a sophisticated tool for monitoring and evaluating your healthcare programmes. Sending surveys and acquiring data from them, is how you get the information you need to make better decisions for your project.

In most projects, Greenmash will design and build the initial set of surveys that will be used in your project. New surveys can be later created and/or customised using the built-in Survey Builder.

Some common uses of surveys in Mango-powered healthcare solutions:

  • Medical stock counts, orders, and transfers
  • Service and session quality assessments for patients and health providers
  • Service and treatment uptake, and usage rates measured against target populations
  • Check-list adherence e.g. medical procedures, programme mandates etc.
  • Registrations and check-ins for patients and health providers
  • User activities and patient case activity

Mango Survey Intelligence

Meaningful surveys that provide useful information often require some sort intelligent “survey logic” to ensure the right data is captured, and you maintain as high a response rate as possible.

Mango includes sophisticated survey logic in the Survey Builder, to ensure that only relevant questions are shown to recipients – which saves time and reduces frustration for everyone. This includes skip logic, branching, piping, show/hide logic, and several other tools to help build relevant and high-quality surveys.

There are also 14 different question types available in Mango, from simple from ‘select one’ or ‘check all’ type questions, to complex matrix and lookup questions. All Mango surveys need to be carefully designed so that they use the most appropriate logic and question type for its chosen purpose.
Read more in the Surveys section of our Technology page.

Automated Reporting

Reports are a core feature of Mango, and provide you a key tool for monitoring and evaluation your healthcare programmes. These allow you to keep close watch on your all your operations and activities, so you are well informed of any changing situations as they occur.

Mango reports are generated automatically based on the latest available information, and are always accessible through the application.  A variety of default reports are available, though typically a preconfigured set of reports will be designed by Greenmash according to your specifications.

Key Features and Benefits for mHealth solutions:

  • Reports keep you updated with all the latest available information.
  • Reports can be automatically sent via email using any desired schedule and frequency.
  • All generated data point is automatically stored in your cloud account for further analysis and data mining.
  • The Custom Report Builder allows you to create your own reports as needed.
  • Powerful built-in Data Filters help you quickly find exact data entries or data sets with a high degree of granularity.
  • Data Extract tool available in multiple formats.
  • Fully auditable data trail.

Read more in the Reports section of our Technology page.

Alerts & Notifications

Automated notifications, alerts and escalations are a built-in feature of Mango. These messages are sent automatically whenever certain pre-defined conditions and/or triggers are met.

These help keep users, data collectors, and supervisors well informed of their roles and responsibilities – especially if escalations and emergencies are involved. All messages are completely customisable and can be delivered in multiple languages and/or dialects, according to the user’s language preference, and entirely within the single application.

Read more in the Alerts & Notifications section of our Technology page.

DHIS 2 Integration

Mango and DHIS 2 are integrated at the application level, meaning that the two applications interoperate – and are able to readily share data and functionality using the DHIS 2 API. Mango uses predefined mapping to export data into DHIS 2. This allows any changes in either system, to be immediately reflected in the other without delay

A separate mapping layer is used to correctly match data points in both systems, before importing / exporting any data. This ensures that the data integrity between Mango and DHIS 2 remains intact during any and all exchanges.

Additional 3rd party integrations are available on request.

Read more in the 3rd Party Integrations section of our Technology page.

eVouchers & Demand Forecasting

eVouchers are digital vouchers with an assigned value, which can be redeemed as cash, subsidy, and/or for medical services.

These vouchers can be created, distributed, redeemed, and tracked entirely within the Mango platform – and available as a separate module with any installation.

Read more about eVouchers.

The Demand Forecasting module for Mango offers health programme managers the ability to make more informed decisions about likely future demand for commodities.

Rather than assume demand for vital medicines and commodities, you can use Mango’s advanced forecasting methods to help take the guesswork out of the process.

Read more about Demand Forecasting.

DIY or Turnkey Solution

You can use the Mango platform to create your own DIY mhealth system precisely how you see fit. Greenmash is always available to provide you with support to build and maintain your ideal solution.

Alternately we can design and build the solution for you as a technology partner, and take advantage of our technical expertise and experience. You maintain complete ownership of the system, and we are always available to provide you with any needed support.

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