Greenmash Support Services

Greenmash offers a variety of support services for Mango deployments. The level of service provided is subject to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) approved beforehand.

Whether you have opted for a DIY or turnkey solution powered by Mango, we are always available to provide with any support you need to build and maintain your mhealth system.

The Mango application by default also includes a number of support options as standard, including a built-in support portal and knowledge base. Greenmash also provides extensive documentation and training materials for your developers and users.

Documentation provided by Greenmash:

Greenmash support services include:

Support Options

Greenmash support options include:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Developer Portal
  • Support Desk
  • In-house Support*

*We offer training for your in-house technicians so they can manage Mango support independently.

The Greenmash Knowledge Base is accessible online from within the Mango Application. There you will find extensive guidance on how to manage, operate, and troubleshoot the system. Information here is available to all your users via their Mango account.

Mango also provides a Support Desk, where users can create support tickets, make product suggestions, and request other changes. From there you can log, track, and manage all reported issues – and provide feedback throughout the fix time.

You can also contact the Support Desk via phone or email.

Service Level Agreements

A detailed SLA (Service Level Agreement) is also normally agreed beforehand, to determine what course of action is taken for any needed or required changes. Support requests will be actioned according to the agreed SLA, and/or handled through the account manager.

We can also train your local support team to handle the majority of known issues, though the dedicated Greenmash technical support team will always be available to help solve more complex issues.

Whether you opt to create your own DIY mhealth system, or partner with us to design a turnkey solution built to your exact specifications – we are always available to provide you with any support needed to build and maintain your mhealth solution.

You will never be alone with Greenmash at your side.

Support Hierarchy

The support hierarchy for Mango installations are as follows:

  1. All support calls will be managed by Help Desk Technicians
  2. Help Desk Technicians report to the Help Desk Manager
  3. Help Desk Managers report to the Product Manager
  4. The Product Manager reports to the IT Director
  5. The IT Director reports to the Managing Director
Updates, Upgrades, and New Product Releases

Greenmash is continuously improving the Mango product. This means a new version of Mango will eventually become available after extensive testing.

There may also be ongoing work to improve or expand individual Mango-powered projects (e.g. a pilot project expanding to multiple regions). Some fixes may also be required if an issue is reported.

These application changes (including version upgrades) are normally agreed in advance and implemented after sign off. A detailed SLA (Service Level Agreement) is also normally agreed upon to determine what course of action is taken for any needed or required changes.

Release Schedule

Greenmash operates a controlled release schedule, to enable any enhancements and/or changes to be thoroughly tested and documented before implementation and roll-out.

Upgrades of this nature are typically made during non-operational hours; to ensure that system stability is not affected during the update process.

Support Response Times

The Greenmash call response target is to:

  • Return 90% of all calls within 1 hour
  • Return 100% of calls within two hours

The table below shows our targets for starting the problem resolution process, based on the agreed severity level at the time of the initial call.

Severity Level Acknowledgement Target Resolution Plan
Available Target
Resolution Target
1 One (1) hour Four (4) hours One and half (1.5) business days*
2 Two (2) hours Eight (8) hours Three (3) business days
3 Three (3) hours Two (2) business days Five (5) business days
4 Three (3) hours Four (4) business days Fix in next Release


*Note 1: All times are in Response Centre work hours (09.00 –05.30 UTC+0 Time). On business days (Monday to Friday, excluding UK Public Holidays).

A severity 1 escalation received 30 minutes before end of a business day (i.e. inside the minimum response time) would be dealt with on the next business day within 1 hour.

As soon as a severity 2 call is received, the 3 day clock would start running, stop at the end of the business day, and restart at the beginning of the next business day.

Note 2: Apart from severity 1 calls, that will always be responded to via phone, the default response communication route will be the same as the incoming communication. Unless the initial escalation request states a specific response requirement e.g. telephones, fax, e-mail, or specific contact point.

Severity Levels

Severity levels describe the nature and seriousness of an issue reported to Greenmash. The higher the severity level, the higher priority is assigned to fixing the issue.

The following table describes the levels of severity as defined by Greenmash.

Severity Level Description
1 – Critical An Error in the Software renders it unusable. There may be a significant loss or corruption of data. No workaround exists.
2 – Serious An Error in the Software that either disables major Software functions, causes substantial performance degradation, which may result in loss, damage or corruption of data.Difficult workarounds are required to process work, and the ability to process work is seriously impaired.
3 – Defect An Error in the Software results in a measurable loss of functionality and/or performance. The ability to process work is impaired.
4 – Informational An Error in the System occurs which has no significant impact and an acceptable workaround is readily available.


Third party support

Greenmash sometimes enters into support arrangements with third parties, in order to better ensure adequate performance. This includes but is not limited to data aggregators, mobile services, and other data communications providers.

In such cases, we endeavour to enforce these partner support arrangements to ensure that the Mango service is available at all times (barring unforeseen circumstances). Greenmash however, cannot be held responsible for failures that are outside of its control.

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