Mango helps millions of women get the health care they deserve

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How does Greenmash help Women’s Health with the Mango platform?

The Mango platform is a robust data surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation tool – used by world leading health organizations to gain visibility into their regional or national operations.

  • Data collection using any web or mobile device
  • Real-time reporting anytime and anywhere
  • Financially and technically sustainable at any scale

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We’re already successful in areas where help is needed the most

Mango-powered solutions are already helping millions of women in Africa get better healthcare, while improving education and training opportunities at a local level.

  • High visibility into poorly connected rural areas
  • Discrete and private service for sensitive issues
  • Proven effectiveness in multiple installations

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A Multitude of Options Available
eVouchers & Incentives Demand Forecasting Supply Chain management End-to-End Case Management DIY or Turnkey Solution

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Technical excellence in the most challenging environments

We are primarily a technology company that works in partnership with our clients. Our product is very mature, has been thoroughly tested in the field, and offers a multitude of options.

  • Works to standard at any scale required
  • Flexible and extensible using local developers
  • Stable code, open API, and modular architecture

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Practical solutions for the most difficult challenges

Practicality and feasibility are at the heart of any technology solution, especially when it is for something as important as providing quality healthcare to vulnerable women and children.

  •  Low maintenance and servicing costs
  •  Flexible support services at any level
  • Minimal training required for most users

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