Make Better Decisions with Mango

The ultimate goal of Mango is to help you make better decisions, and respond faster to emerging situations based on clear and accurate information. Our extensive work in the mHealth sector means that millions of lives are affected by the quality of data Mango can provide.

Greenmash will help you design and build the right solution for your needs, or if you wish you can build it entirely yourself (DIY). Either way we will support you at every step from start to finish. We currently support dozens of surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation solutions across the globe.

Mango is scalable to any size, flexible to suit any operation, and helps you easily keep track of all your users and assets at all times. Mango is designed to operate sustainably in any environment, even when the available communications services and infrastructure is limited or unreliable.

Step 1 – Ask Questions

Mango solutions are all about answering certain key questions:

  • Are our actions / operations working?
  • Can / should we improve them somehow?
  • Where should / can we make improvements?
  • Do we need to respond / change something?

Likely you are already keenly aware of what kind of data you want to collect, and what decisions or responses you want to make based off of that data. If you are uncertain at all, we have the experience to help you ask the right questions for your data collection system.

If you choose to partner with us – we will work closely with your team to gather all your requirements, and then present a feasible solution that addresses those needs. It is vitally important to get as complete a picture as possible upfront, so there are no surprises or delays later in the development and deployment process.

Once we understand your requirements, a Mango Campaign will be created for your project. Mango Campaigns allow you to organise all your users, surveys, data, and reports in one convenient location – where user access and privileges can be strictly controlled.

Multiple campaigns can be used in one Mango installation.

Common goals of a Mango Campaign:

  • More visibility into what is actually happening in a region or operation.
  • More transparency to accurately evaluate performance (especially during audits).
  • Better overall efficiency and performance in your project or programme.
  • Understand what actions are working, and which require improvement.
  • Track every step of the supply, distribution, and service delivery chain end-to-end.
  • Provide auditable and transparent credits and incentives to motivate your target group(s).

Possible Future Needs

Should there ever be operational, market, or environmental changes – or the priorities of your organisation shift for any reason – you will always have the ability to adapt your Campaign(s).

This could mean you require additional “questions”, or need to modify the “questions” currently being answered by Mango. Which in turn means additional Campaigns may be created, or a current Campaign modified.

In either case, your in-house team will have the tools available in Mango to manage the process themselves. Greemash is also always available for additional support, to help you design and configure new campaigns and surveys.

Note: Any data collected for your Mango Campaign will be permanently stored in your cloud account. This is to safeguard data integrity, and ensure that you can always access your historical data for later analysis or comparison – even if the data points have changed over time.

Step 2 – Configure Surveys

Once we have a complete understanding of your needs and requirements, we will begin designing and building the surveys for your campaign. This includes determining all the important data points to measure, mapping them out to create the appropriate survey type, and then finally configuring the survey to ensure the right data is collected with minimal fuss.

Survey design considerations include:

  • Data type e.g. names, dates, stock counts, GPS coordinates etc.
  • Data point labels (to generate meaningful reports).
  • Data collection method or combination e.g. SMS, USSD, mobile app etc.
  • Appropriate survey logic e.g. branching, piping, skip logic etc.

There can be multiple surveys in one campaign, and an unlimited number of users / recipients can be assigned surveys for data collection. Surveys are often assigned to specific target groups within the same campaign e.g. stock count surveys for warehouse workers, and diagnostics surveys for doctors or nurses.

It is also very important to consider the “intelligence” and “meaningfulness” of each survey. This means ensuring that the right questions are asked the right way, and that the responses will be accurate and meaningful to the monitoring organisation.

Important characteristics of an intelligent / meaningful survey:

  • The survey’s purpose and importance must be clear to the user e.g. a stock count survey helps ensure that stock-out emergencies do not occur.
  • Every question must be relevant to the end-user e.g. you can use one sexual health survey in Mango, but only gender specific questions will be asked once identified.
  • Every question must be clear and straightforward to answer i.e. convoluted, confusing, or ambiguous questions increase the chance of inaccurate or incomplete data sets.
  • Collected data must be useful to the monitoring organisation i.e. all needed questions are there, asked the right way, and can be mapped to produce a meaningful and clear report.
  • There must be a mechanism to ensure data accuracy and completeness e.g. automated reminders, escalation / follow-up process, and other built-in Mango tools.

All of these considerations are taken care of by Greenmash during the design process, and based on the agreed specification after the requirements gathering phase. Defining user groups who will be assigned specific surveys is a particularly important step.

Further training and support can also be provided to users, admins, and on-site developers to manage surveys independently. Much of the data collection and reporting process is highly automated, and requires relatively little supervision once the system goes live.

Possible Future Needs

You always have the ability to create new surveys, or reconfigure existing ones to suit your changing requirements. This could require the addition of questions in an existing survey, or that additional surveys need to be created for the campaign.

In either case, your in-house team will have the tools available in Mango to manage the process themselves. Greemash is also always available for additional support, to help you design and configure new questions and/or surveys.

Note: Any data collected for your surveys will be permanently stored in your cloud account. This is to safeguard data integrity, and ensure that you can always access your historical data for later analysis or comparison – even if the data points have changed over time.

We are here to support you should you require assistance in this area.

Step 3 – Distribute Surveys

Surveys can be sent to any / all registered user(s) at any scale.

Registration can be done with a variety of methods, including by SMS – and data usage costs (with 3rd party support) can be reimbursed to registrants automatically.

At this point you should have:

  • A Mango Campaign setup.
  • One or more surveys ready to go.
  • Your trained users and other survey recipients registered in the system.
  • Surveys assigned to the relevant data collection group e.g. stock count surveys for those in charge of inventory, and maintenance surveys for those who provide maintenance services etc.

Survey Delivery

Mango Surveys can be delivered electronically using standard mobile, network, and internet communications services. Surveys can be received by almost all mobile phones and desktop computers, including basic devices such as feature phones.

Automated Delivery

Surveys can be delivered automatically according to any schedule and frequency you desire e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc. You can also setup survey delivery to run for a set period of time, for seasonal campaigns, or have surveys run indefinitely e.g. 5 months one-time, till end-of-year, spring and/or autumn season etc.

Multi-language Delivery

Surveys can be delivered in multiple languages and dialects, according to the user’s selected language preferences. This includes survey questions, delivery messages, confirmations, and other notification messages.

Data Collection

Data collection can be performed via email, web forms, SMS, USSD, or the Mango Data Collector mobile app – depending on what devices are available to the majority of your users. The mobile app is available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS from their respective app store.


Training users to collect data for Mango is usually straightforward, and can be typically accomplished in less than one day. Greenmash offers a variety of training materials and support to help on-board your users, including our highly successful “train the trainer” approach.

Mango also includes a built-in “training mode”, so your users can safely practice answering surveys without affecting the rest of your Mango system.

Possible Future Needs

It is quite easy to change the delivery configuration of your Mango surveys should the need ever arise. Such changes can be easily handled by your in-house administrator(s) and/or with Greenmash support.

Delivery configuration changes include but are not limited to:

  • Assigned users / recipients
  • Scheduled dates, times, and duration
  • Delivery messages and other system confirmations

Additional languages / dialects available on request.

We are here to support you should you require assistance in this area.

Step 4 – Collect Data

Once you deliver the first set of surveys to your users at the scheduled time, you will start receiving data very quickly. You can view any / all data collected for your campaign using the available reports, which are updated in real-time based on the latest available information.

Ensuring High Response Rates

Mango Surveys include two reminder periods that can be assigned according to your needs e.g. 24 hours for 1st reminder, and 48 hours for the 2nd (escalation) reminder.

If a user does not send in their data within the assigned time period, an automated “reminder” message is sent to the user’s mobile phone and/or computer. This process solves most issues with late responses.

The 2nd reminder is most often used as an escalation, meaning an appropriate supervisor will be notified at this point about the lack of response, as well as a notification message sent to the user. After direct follow-up with the user, this process solves almost all issues with late responses.

Ensuring High Accuracy Rates

Responses to Mango Surveys must be sent according to the defined acceptable format. Incorrectly formatted messages are automatically rejected by Mango to ensure data integrity.

Acceptable formats may include but are not limited to:

  • Assigned indicator codes e.g. “A” for product #1, “B” for product #2 etc.
  • Requiring use of all indicator codes i.e. missing or incorrect codes produce an error.
  • Assigned survey codes e.g. “DBH” for survey #1, “CBC” for survey #2 etc.
  • Requiring use of valid survey code i.e. missing or incorrect codes produce an error.
  • Upper and lower number limits e.g. cannot be >10,000 units
  • Acceptable data formats e.g. alphanumeric, date / time, yes/no etc.

An automated error message is sent to any user that does not send their data in the correct format (a subject covered during the training session). If the user sends in their data incorrectly multiple times, an escalation message is automatically sent to the appropriate supervisor for follow-up.

Formatting issues tend to occur more often after the initial roll-out and when on-boarding a new user group. After users gain some experience sending correctly formatted messages, the issue usually quickly resolves itself. Sufficient training beforehand also reduces formatting errors.


A set of Mango Reports will normally come prepared with your Mango installation. These are typically setup by Greenmash according to the specification, so authorised users and supervisors can immediately make use of incoming data as it is recorded in Mango.

Reports are updated in real-time, so you will always have the latest available information on your screen. You can also quickly identify and keep track of any users who have not yet sent their responses.

Powerful data filtering tools are available in Mango to help you quickly sift through your data, and find the exact data set you are looking for with a high degree of granularity.

A variety of chart and graph types are included in Mango, and tabulated data is always available for extraction and further analysis.

Custom Reports

A custom Report Builder is included in Mango, which allows you to quickly create or modify existing reports to your exact specifications. You can create new reports for your own personal use, for your team / organisational unit only, or made available to your entire organisation.

The Report Builder also allows you to organize and prioritise your reports, so you will always have the most important information you need right at your fingertips.

Report Delivery

Mango Reports can be automatically delivered to authorized users, at any desired schedule and frequency. Report deliveries can be made via email, and are always available by logging into your Mango account through the mobile app or web browser.

A desktop computer or smart device (with Mango app installed) is required to view Mango reports.

Possible Future Needs

Typically the data collection process will continue indefinitely, until a change is made by the system administrators for any reason. Changes to the process can be easily handled by your in-house administrator(s) and/or with Greenmash support.

We are here to support you should you require assistance in this area.

Step 5 – Make Decisions & Respond

The surveys are in, reports have been generated, and you have accumulated a vast amount of data from your data collection network. Now it is time to make an appropriate decision or response based on what the available information is telling you.

Your response of course greatly depends on your project / programme. Mango reports and data analysis tools can provide you with all the data you need, but at the end of the day it is still your decision.

Typical Mango solutions offer you the ability to quickly see the following scenarios:

  • Everything is proceeding smoothly – continue as normal.
  • There is a potential issue emerging (e.g. low stock level, dropping response / success rate) that requires a prompt response and/or further investigation.
  • There are indications that certain key areas can be improved, or are not producing the expected results. Further investigation is warranted to determine the best possible course of action.
  • There are indications of poor performance throughout the entire operation, or in a specific part of the operation. Further investigation is required, and decisions made to improve performance in these identified areas.
  • There is an emergency which requires an immediate response e.g. stock-out, critical failure etc.

Mango reports are always available through your user account, and accessing the web or mobile application. You can also opt to receive regularly scheduled summary reports to your email address.

Alerts and notifications are automatically sent, whenever a specified “event” is triggered e.g. low-stock levels, operational failures, and other emergencies etc. Typically however, you will be well informed of operational situations well in advance of any serious issue.

Continuing with Mango

Mango solutions are best used for continual improvement and consistent evaluation of operational performance. Once Mango is setup and configured, the many available automation tools ensure that this process can and will continue indefinitely.

Possible Future Needs

Adjustments, improvements, and other gains from experience are a natural part of any complex technology solution. Operational concerns, organizational priorities, and environmental changes may also require some eventual modifications to the Mango application.

New campaigns and surveys can always be added to your Mango system, and new indicators added to enhance the view over your operational performance. New user groups may need to be created, and new commodities may need to be tracked in your region.

Regardless of the case, your in-house developer team will have the tools available to make these adjustments over the course of your operations.

Greenmash is also always available for additional support and expertise to assist you with Mango expansions and upgrades.

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